Los Cabos is safe.

February 23, 2010

Los Cabos is safe.

Travelers and foreign residents can rest assured that this beach paradise in Baja Sur is far removed from the violence that has sometimes plagued Mexico’s reputation.

It’s understandable that you might think all of Mexico is dangerous, with intense media attention this year focused on the violence and drug trafficking in Mexico’s problem cities. But as Ashley Alvarado points out on Los Cabos Guide, “Los Cabos, located at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, is far removed from the violence affecting other parts of the nation.” She observes that “cancelling a trip to Cabo is like calling off a vacation in Portland, Oregon because of crime in San Diego, California. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Los Cabos, the area that encompasses Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, is home to about 100,000 residents. Many of these citizens are foreign-born, and purchased their Mexican real estate because of the town’s safety record and ease of travel to the United States.

According to the US Department of Travel’s Mexico travel resource, the most serious criminal activity in Mexico is concentrated in Mexico City and border towns such as Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Nogales, Reynosa, and Matamoros.

The only warning from the US government to its citizens in Cabo is to guard against the sporadic occurrence of petty street theft and drug peddling – a truism for every resort location on earth.

But the people of Mexico aren’t resting on their Los Cabos safety reputation. They realize the importance of low crime rates to the country’s economy, and are committed to keeping Mexico safe. In March 2009, Oscar Fitch, CEO of the Mexican Tourism Board, issued a letter asserting this commitment, in which he writes:

“Tourism is the third source of income for Mexico, and I want to assure you that we will continue working tirelessly to maintain a positive image for Mexico and to continue receiving tourists from all over the world that choose Mexico as one of the destinations with the greatest diversity of tourism offerings and the highest standard of quality and services.”

In this video, several long-time Los Cabos citizens and frequent visitors to Los Cabos attest to the safety of this gorgeous paradise. None of them summarize the issue more clearly than Monty Forward, Vice President of American Airlines, when he declares: “Los Cabos is one of the safest places on the planet.”

No one can argue with the safety of Los Cabos. For more first-hand opinions, check out these posts on Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor. The consensus seems to be the same:  Los Cabos is a safe and beautiful place. Come here, and experience it for yourself.

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  1. I agree. Los Cabos is safe. I have been several times and never had any issues.

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